Exclusive Slovenia Wine & Food Tour (3 Nights, Goriška Brda) - Per Person

£950.00 £1,300.00


Note: Price per person sharing a double room based on 6-8 people participating

Come and have a little taste of an undiscovered region in one of Europe's undiscovered gems of a country. Nestled in the West of Slovenia and straddling the North East of Italy lies Goriška Brda (the Gorizia Hills, or the Collio region in Italian - from 'collina', meaning hill).

This landscape of rolling vineyards, cherry, apricot, and almond trees dotted with white churches and villages is often compared to the best of Tuscany but Brda is no-ones poorer relation. This region has been ruled by four different countries in the last hundred or so years, the Austro-Hungarian empire, Italy, Yugoslavia, and now Slovenia, and, was the scene of intense combat between fascists and partisans in the second world war. It's a beautiful area with a complex history. All of this has shaped its unique Briški culture.

Traditionally a poor area it's only in recent years its staggering beauty and wonderful wines have come to wider international attention. It's inevitable that Brda will become an increasingly popular destination for tourists, EmonaVina is dedicated to ensuring this happens in a way that benefits the local producers and wider community and doesn't simply benefit the few and exploit the land as so much tourism does.



Your base, in the Brda village of Kozana, is 60 minutes' drive from the international airport in Trieste, and 90 minutes from airports in Ljubljana and Venice.

You'll check into your accommodation for the week and settle in, you'll get together with EmonaVina founder Jason Hartley to hear about the week ahead and, about the passion and purpose that's driven the itinerary.

You'll then head out to a local winemaker with a view to die for to start your long weekend.

After a little time to yourself, it will be time to head to another wonderful winemaker for another tasting and dinner cooked for you by Jason.


After breakfast at your accommodation, you'll meet up with a local forager and head out on a morning walk around the area learning about fruit and fauna that defines the region before lunch using those local products (which will vary by season).

After lunch, you'll join Jason, for a session on preserving, pickling and fermenting. These ancient techniques of preserving seasonal produce for the year ahead are increasingly popular in the world's leading restaurants.

You'll have some time to chill before heading off for a wonderful wine tasting and dinner cooked by Jason.


After breakfast at your accommodation, you get a couple of hours to relax into your weekend before meeting up with Jase for the first of two masterclass sessions.

Firstly learn the basics of cheesemaking and how different cheeses are made. You'll break for a picnic lunch then come back and learn the basics of meat curing, sausage making, and home butchery.

You have some time to yourself before joining a very special event in the vineyards for food and drinks


After breakfast, you'll have a relaxed Sunday morning before meeting up for one last wine tasting before enjoying a very British tradition in Slovenia using local produce, the Sunday Roast. This will have you all full and ready for the journey home!

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