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Stara Brajda 2019


Brilliant, golden yellow color and dense texture.

Honey, marmalade and biscuit notes with developing complexity. Sweet spicy fruity palate with wild herbs, lemon zest and pronounced oak.

● Grape type: 50% Rebula (Ribolla Gialla), 15% Sauvignonasse, 15% Malvasia, 10% Pikolit, 10% Glera
● Wine Style: Dry white wine
● Region: Brda, Slovenia
● Vineyards: Grotisce, Jazbine, Gredic
● Vineyards’ age: from 30 to 53 years
● Vineyards’ altitude and exposure: 60-180 m above sea level, South
● Soil type: Flysch (sedimentary rock consisting of interchanging layers of sandstone, marlstone, limestone, mudstone)
● Harvest: hand-harvested in 13 and 20 September 2019
● Vinification: The process of maceration lasted 4 days in 2500 litres oak barrels where no selected yeast strains were used and must was in contact with the skins of a third of all picked grapes berries. After maceration, the wine was softly pressed and poured into new and used 300 and 500 litres French and Slovenian oak barrels.
● Maturation: 24 months in new and used 500 litres French and Slavonian oak barrels
● Maturation in bottle: At least 6 months
● Alcohol: 13.0 % vol
● Total acidity: 5.0 g/l pH: 3.43 Residual sugar: 2.5 g/l
● Bottling: 4000 bottles of 750 ml and 250 bottles of 1500ml in November 2019
● Serving temperature: 11°C–13 °C
● Ageing: Suitable for drinking, with great ageing potential, over 10 years.

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