Sauvignon Selectus 2019


Sauvignon Selectus is of golden yellow colour. On the nose it surprises us with subtle notes of vanilla, yellow fruits, notes of elderberry flower, combined with notes of honey. The taste is medium bodied with an elegant freshness, nice drinkability and hints of butter. The aftertaste is slightly mineral with a slightly bitter aftertaste. It’s a great, enjoyable white wine that will improve its elegance in a few years time, especially it will develop more herbal notes that will round the overall experience even more.

Sauvignon Selectus is an elegant wood matured Sauvignon that gives us a wide range of combintation possibilities. We recommend it as a companion to fish dishes (raw or roast), white meat (poultry, lamb, pork), pasta dishes with tomatoes, young and semi matured cheeses (especially goats). It is a perfect combination with a good prosciutto and even better with roast prawns wrapped in prosciutto.

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