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Pinot Blanc 2021


1500-2000 bottles per year.
The grapes are from two vineyards that are 25 and 50 years old.
Half of the grapes are from south-facing vineyards and aged in old (used 1-2 times) oak barrels, and half in stainless steel barrels for one year.
White Pinot is a classic of white wines, which is particularly recognizable and appreciated across the border in Italy. There is not much of it on the market because it has been supplanted by Chardonnay. He's coming back.
Alcohol. 14.5 vol.%
Color: yellow with a greenish tint
Smell: it smells like quinces, slightly like apples...
Taste: nobel discreet wine that is very drinkable, no alcohol is felt
Food: goes well with fish, vegetables, dry meat (prosciutto, salami)

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