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Tolovaj 2015


There is little walking on the well-established sauvignon vert tracks and that is why the fantasy name TOLOVAJ is the right name for a wine that was once known as friulian tokai. The straw color with greenish hues is perhaps the closest to the idea of wine from this grape variety, which became Brda's second home. On the nose, it reveals a wealth of noble aromas that did not allow themselves to be molded by selected yeasts. They are fruity and floral, with no solo outbursts. The wine from organically and biodinamically grown optimally ripe grapes is one of the fresh white wines in terms of technology, and its taste indicates maturity that is unmatched. In the mouth it works warm, structural, soft, harmonious. It is reminiscent of ripe fruit, of its essence; it leaves behind a pleasant and long aftertaste. The wine is at its peak. Balsamic notes are harmonious, honey notes with a hint of milk caramel are pronounced. It already draws a bit into the segment of wines for meditation with pieces of cheese and accompaniment with fig confit, and among the dishes I would not be afraid to offer it with lobster, fois gras and even with good goat cheese and cow cheese. We recommend it with provocative vegetable dishes (minestrone, "frtalja"), prosciutto, risotto with peas or zucchini, as well as mussels in buzara or chicken in spicy sauce and grilled sardines.

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