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Rebula 'M' 2017


Is the rebula yellow? Maybe like grapes, but that's why rebula "M", macerated rebula, has the colors of old gold, actually liquefied amber. Its drops slowly creep along the wall of the glass and herald the wine of a rich body. The bouquet is surprisingly fresh, spring flowers, fruits and citrus fruits are complemented by balsamic notes with hints of vanilla, nuts and cinnamon. In the mouth, expectations for a rich wine with a fruity-balsamic character are completely fulfilled, complemented by perceptions of undisturbed tannins and pleasant minerality. Acid and tannins predict longevity in wine, a moderate alcohol level increases its drinkability. The aftertaste is long and layered, with notes of Brda cherry crisps and sun-dried figs, and as a reward, a pleasant memory of lightly smoked fruit creeps in from the background.
Rebula "M" can be an exceptional aperitif wine, suitable for accompanying appetizers with prosciutto, bacon, marinated trout with herbs, smoked salmon, whole cheeses, tempura vegetables and other salty fryings, including calamari, shrimp and grits. In the continuation of the meal, it goes well with fatty freshwater and sea fish, lamb from the spit, poultry in various ways, especially with slightly more exposed spices and condiments.

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