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Poanta 2014


The bouquet, more fruity than floral, indicates the wine in the period of full maturity, when the tertiary aromas developed after bottling are already predominant. Among them we can detect dried herbs, the smell of macchia, a touch of spices. If the wine had greenish hues, it had long since lost them with maturation, and now the colors of gold predominate, in which the skilful goldsmith has mixed a little copper to give it pinkish-reddish hues. In the mouth warm, with already very subdued acid, but mineral, almost salty. Maturity spreads its wings and leads us to think about which of the varieties present in the chardonnay, sauvignon vert, malvasia and rebula varieties managed to give the wine its most noticeable stamp. The oiliness of the chardonnay dictates the tempo, but the wine changes with each passing minute and fades away with polyphony in which there is neither a loser nor a winner.
The point has escaped the usual schemes of socializing wine and food, so it requires creativity in finding a suitable companion or companion. He certainly loves rich dishes, thoughtfully presented ricotta and porridge, butter sauces, maybe even dishes with offal (liver, kidneys, hearts, stomachs, thymus). He doesn't even defend creamy soups with a rich taste (pumpkin, cauliflower, onion, leek) and grilled white meat, but I would also go well with feathered venison.

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