Pet Nat Carla 2021


Naturally sparkling wine made from cabernet sauvignon and rebula grapes.
Pét-Nat is an abbreviation for the French term petillant-naturelle, which translates to natural bubbles. This is an old method of producing sparkling wine, which was used before the classical and tank method.
During the fermentation, the must is filled into bottles, where it completes its process. As a result, it retains its bubbles in the bottle - so nothing is added or taken away from the wine itself.
The wine is not filtered. The sediment that remains in the bottle adds character to the wine and ensures its durability.
This ancient method is quite simple on the one hand, but also one of the most difficult due to the unpredictability of the end result.
The result is a gentle, beautifully drinkable, fruity sparkling wine that genuinely displays its terroir of where it comes from.

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