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Turno Rdeče 2020


A cuvee of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon with a translucent ruby red color and dense texture. The walls of the glass are colored with each swirl.

The intense aromas are a combination of ripe blackberries with maturation in wooden barrels. Ripe plum, black cherry, blueberry, and blackberry intertwine with faint hints of butter, vanilla, and cinnamon, which brings to mind a forest fruit pie. Notes of wood, pepper, forest undergrowth and cedar follow, and in the finish, we also find a slight note of chocolate.

The palate feels soft, with well-integrated alcohols. Freshness and minerality are pronounced, its tannins have a velvety effect and dry our mouths quickly. It is an elegant, full-bodied wine with an intense and long-lasting taste. Flavors of ripe fruit, sweet spices and wood are expressed in the mouth.

A harmonious wine that will only improve with age. It can be served with juicy veal steak, Wellington, as well as game dishes.

Valentin Bufolin, 2022 Best Sommelier of Slovenia, Vice President of Slovenian Sommelier Association

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