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Sivi Pinot 2021


Crystal clear, golden yellow color, with a coppery hue and dense texture.

Its intense bouquet reminds of orange peel, tangerine, boiled peach, and yellow plum. Over time, gentle sensations of vanilla, butter, licorice, thyme and nutmeg express.

The wine is dry, soft, and fairly warm. At the same time, it offers a good measure of freshness and minerality to balance the perceptions. It has an intense, elegant, full-bodied taste with a lasting persistence where perceptions of orange, Mediterranean herbs and tangerine express beautifully.

A wine that can be served with crab dishes, lobster, as well as fried shrimps. It will delight when served with thinly sliced lard on freshly toasted bread or oriental dishes.

Valentin Bufolin, 2022 Best Sommelier of Slovenia, Vice President of Slovenian Sommelier Association


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