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Puro 2017


A wine of brilliant golden yellow color, with many, small and rather lasting pearls.

Expressive and fine aromas evoke perceptions of bergamot, ripe apple, pineapple, we also find hints of papaya, lemon and tea tree, followed by the perception of Mediterranean herbs, and a slight note of nuts from the background.

It is a bone-dry representative of sparkling wines, which offers softness and refreshes the bubbles, while emphasizing the feeling of liveliness during a pleasant tickling. The taste is intense, full, and emphatically elegant, and concludes with citrus perceptions and a long mineral aftertaste.

It is a harmonious sparkling wine that seduces and refreshes in its purity.

Suitable for any occasion, with fish carpaccio or pasta with seafood. Along with salmon tartar with a touch of Asia, as well as accompanying dishes with rabbit.

Valentin Bufolin, 2022 Best Sommelier of Slovenia, Vice President of Slovenian Sommelier Association

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