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Rebula 2021


The colour is golden, medium deep. Nicely scented in
the nose, quite intense for a Rebula, far from being
discrete, with lovely diversity. It is reminiscent of
ripeness, dried apples, lemon, lime as well, with a nice
balsamic and honeyed touch. Such diversity can be
seen only in very ripe Rebula. Oak ageing is present.
With time and when fully open, a white blossom is
joining the bouquet. Fruitiness is not a feature with
our Rebula -as well as with other wines in our range.
Dry on the palate, medium bodied with high acidities.
Intense aroma, tight with oily texture. There is tension
even a sense of salinity. Serenely persisting. This one
you can try with sushi.
Ageing potential: 2024 - 2032

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