Sell More Wine

Limited Input From You Required
  • A short meeting to discuss and brainstorm with you what I can do to support you
  • Photograph your products (I have a mobile light box studio and can do this at your premises in one hour or less)
  • Your wholesale price to me and the recommended retail price to the consumer BOTH in Slovenia and outside. The value of the wines is greater outside of Slovenia, and the costs involved greater also.
  • Descriptions of the wines
  • A short biography of you and images if I don't already have some.
  • Basic info on your winemaking and vineology (hectares / bottles / certifications / approach to pesticides, fertilisers and herbicides) as consumers want to know this stuff.
  • Any accolades / awards you would like to share
  • As time allows I would look to put some content together with you, I have the full production equipment (camera's, drones, lights etc) and am a proficient editor so I do this all myself at no cost to you
  • It would be great to pre-record you doing a tasting of your wines so customers can watch along when they buy and get to know you a little, also potentially some online Q&A's / meet and greets once I have built an online audience. 
What I would sell for you (an example)
1. The Product
  • Obviously I will put your individual products in the store

2. Bundles

  • I will be creating content around, and marketing on your behalf, various bundled wines to make it more appealing to the customer
  • Mixed boxes of 6 of your wines
  • Mixed boxes of 6 different wine makers
  • I would like to offer sample boxes with a selection of 12 x 180ML bottles of different producers wines to encourage people to taste and then buy more of their favourites. I would provide the bottles and do the bottling so it is no extra work for you.
3. Subscription
  • I already have the technology in place to offer subscriptions
  • After month 3 of operating if all is well I will launch a wine subscription service that offers 3 bottles a month
  • I would be looking to work with 12 winemakers and so have 3 bottles per year from each winemaker. It may not sound a lot but could be a few hundred bottles a year in the first year which hopefully doesn't hurt.
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