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Copy of Sell More Wine

Dear all,
You have all made me feel very welcome since I moved here last October. I would like to stay and make a life in Brda and apply my skills to support you in a way that hopefully benefits everyone.
In the background I am launching a consultancy in marketing and branding, this has been my career for 20+ years, and you can see more of that here but I want to focus on my passion project in food and wine that hopefully I can demonstrate supports you at no cost to yourself.
Last year I launch a tech and content platform Cultisan. The idea was to explore Europe's artisan food and winemakers one region at a time, subscribers would get a sample box of products from each region and be able to watch content about the farmers and producers and then they could go to an online market place and buy more of what they liked.
It's a concept I believed in, and still do - and so did the customers, we had nothing but 5 star reviews, but it requires significant resources and investment to do it properly and covid + brexit + business partner disappearing with a mental breakdown.
My focus now is to do something with the same principles but closer to home, more achievable and also with a focus on people and experiences as much as tech.
The Concept
Hence, Taste With Jase.
The idea is to create a small business that also directly supports you by helping raise awareness of, and sell more, of your wines. It is a combination of Food Tours, Events & Experiences, eCommerce and content via a new YouTube channel.
How can I help? How can we collaborate?
Step 1 : Offer your wines online across the EU
This will take time to make an impact on your sales but it's a start point and can be done very easily.
  • My e-commerce presence is already establish with packaging and shipping all in place to sell across the EU.
  • What I would need from you :
  • Photograph the products (I have a mobile studio and can do this at your premises in one hour)
  • Your price to me and the recommended price to the consumer
  • Descriptions of the wines
  • I'd need to write a short biography of you, I already have nice photos of most of you
  • I need basic info on your winemaking and vineology (hectares / bottles / certifications / approach to pesticides, fertilisers and herbicides) as consumers want to know this stuff.
  • Over the coming weeks and months I would look to put some content together with you, I have the full production equipment (camera's, drones, lights etc) and am a proficient editor so I do this all myself at no cost to you
  • There is an app that has been developed for Cultisan, I am not pushing this initially as it needs more resources to make it ready for Taste With Jase but you can see it on the Apple Store and it is pretty slick. It's something that would cost about EUR 150k to put together so does offer some significant benefits other online resellers
Step 2 - Bundles
  1. I will be creating content around, and marketing on your behalf, various bundled wines to make it more appealing to the customer
  2. Mixed boxes of 6 of your wines
  3. Mixed boxes of 6 different wine makers
  4. I would like to offer Tasting Boxes, 180ML bottles of each of your wines, plus mix and match. There's always the chance to do online Q&A's here with people or at least some content talking through the wines.
Step 3 - Subscription
  • I already have the technology in place to offer subscriptions
  • After month 3 of operating I will launch a wine subscription service that offers 3 bottles a month
  • I would be looking to work with 12 winemakers and so have 3 bottles per year from each winemaker. It may not sound a lot but could be a few hundred bottles a year in the first year which hopefully doesn't hurt.
  • I am offering 4 and 7 night adventures for people with tastings and my cooking as well as masterclasses. I would love to include you in these, and would also need some space to do masterclasses with people and feed them. This year I can't see this being more than being 2 weeks and maybe 2 weekends. All time / tastings / space would be paid for of course.
  • I have a converted horsebox in the UK. I am looking at getting it here. The idea here is to have a pop up wine, cocktail and bqq experience once a week through May-Sept when the weather permits. It would be sign up only to limit numbers and create a buzz and would change venues in the vineyards every week. Which ever vineyard we are in we would focus most of the wines offered from that maker. There is already interest from some winemakers, if you wanted to participate in this of course you could.
There are more ideas here for events but this is enough for now.
I really hope you can the benefit of the above, I would love to discuss what you think and how else I might be able to support you.
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