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about taste with jase

"I really despise industrial factory farming. Regenerative, sustainable farming attracts the best people who create the most wonderful, delicious produce which you pay a fair price for. I love to cook and bring new and old friends together, eating, drinking and laughing. Taste With Jase allows me to bring both of these elements together to hopefully inspire and indulge others."

Jason Hartley, Founder, Taste With Jase

an Accidental chef

I was first inspired to cook as a nine year old by occasional forays into the kitchen of the cafe my mum ran in Blackpool in the 1980’s to make scrambled eggs.

It wasn't until whilst living and working in Amsterdam, in 2009, I walked into a kitchen again and in doing so created Amsterdam’s first ever pop up restaurant.

Quickly growing to weekly 150 person sell out events it led to me opening my first bricks and mortar restaurant and cocktail bar which after only six months won a TimeOut Best of Amsterdam award, debuted at number one on Amsterdam's primary restaurant review site and was named in Esquire Magazines top three new cocktail bars in The Netherlands, amongst others.

The day job

All this kind of happened by accident, as my career has been in tech, advertising and branding. I created Amsterdam's first integrated media agency in 2005 and I have over twenty years at the strategic and creative forefront of those industries and still work on occasional projects, you can click below to see more about that side of my life at Consult With Jase.

However, life is short, and you have to follow your heart even if it makes life a harder journey.

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A long affair with slovenia (and italy)

I've had a love affair with Slovenia since I first visited in 2003 having met some friends from a country that frankly, I'd never heard of back then. I was instantly blown away by this small country and its seemingly endless variance of landscapes and nature. Bordering Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia you can drive a couple of hours in any direction and be in a different world, alpine mountains, rolling vineyards, forests, ancient seaside towns to name but a few. I've also been in love with Italy since first visiting 2006 and was exploring on a yearly basis before the pandemic.

I finally moved to Slovenia to live in 2019. I live in the truly wonderful region of Goriška Brda, on the Italian border and home to some of Europes finest, most undiscovered winemakers and I've made it my mission to create a business that showcased a new kind of agri-tourism that gives back to the community and leverages technology to allow people to keep supporting this region even when they have left and gone home.


Slow Food

I’ve also been head of the Chef Alliance for Slow Food in the UK, the world's largest global movement for good, clean, fair food. The focus of the chef alliance is to encourage Britains leading chefs to champion the rarest and best food produce and producers across the nation. 

The UK

It is SO frustrating that for small businesses it's now near impossible to trade food and wine between the UK and the EU. There are SO MANY amazing farmers in the UK. If you want some tips hit the chat (but make sure you subscribe to my newsletter first - nothing in life is for free!)

never forget

There are 560 million farms in the world. 90% are individual or family owned and they feed 70% of the world on a daily basis. The processed and industrial food industry feeds extremist food fads and trends for profit. Every cheap piece of meat comes at a cost, to your health and the animals welfare. Eat less but better. If you want to eat none then choose plants not processed 'make believe' meat.

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